Flippity flip :-(

Bob took the hideous 70s banisters down when we were decorating, and then we couldn’t find anything off the shelf that would fit, and we weren’t really prepared to go for customised. So he’d sanded all the old ones down to the original wood, and just gave them a lick of clear varnish, and while the style is still naff, they do actually look at lot better. Anyway, I digress. The point was he was putting them back up today, when water fell on his head, and we realised there was WATER COMING OUT OF THE LOFT!!!!! Given we’ve just re-decorated and laid new carpets, this was not good news. We hoped it was just a leaky washer, but it appears we may have to replace the water tank. And I’m f***ed if I know how we will get it up through the hole. The one currently up there is bigger than the hole, so presumably it went in before the ceiling went up. Must check our house insurance. The carpet is currently OK, but the ceiling is going to have to be repainted, as it’s all brown stains, which is still coming through even though water stopped running from the tank, so it must be water which has already leaked. If it doesn’t get any worse, we won’t have to replace the ceiling, but annoying even to think of repainting it again. Tank now drained, and water off at mains, and dd has spent afternoon being plumbers mate, and learning even more colourfull language. She is currently adopting the policy that if she can spell it, she can say it. Unfortunately, most swear words are phonetically regular, meaning dyslexia no use as a barrier.

However, have finally finished my course manual, just need to do my trainer’s notes, but that won’t be so bad. I hope. And tonight, its will be a case of “the peasants have no water? Let them drink wine”

Must get some education on here soon.



  1. HelenHaricot said

    aarghh. def a wine day, and hope doesn’t get to the carpet

  2. Alison said

    Bloody hell! Hope you can get it replaced/sorted asp – what a nightmare.

  3. Sarah said

    Nightmare. Our decorators who were in doing the hall & stairs while we were away found leaks upstairs as well (not as bad as that sounds though) so now have shower out of action until we decide that we really can’t afford to do anything about it and give up and start using it again anyway.

    So so annoying to have that happen *after* you decorated. Hope the insurance might help out.

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