I think we may almost have decided on a border terrier. Although we haven’t bought it yet, and the nearest breeder we can find is in Derbyshire, so I’m not holding my breath. Also need to purchase or construct some sort of outdoor puppy palace, to accomodate it on work days.

Yesterday we went to the annual home ed sports day. I think there may have been about a dozen families, and when you consider some of them will have may a round trip of a couple of hundred miles to be there (maybe more -*we* did 100), it’s clear what we are up against. And at least half the families only seemed to have very young (under 5) children.

DD wants to go to MoTB for two weeks next year, so has to raise half the money herself. Today I offered her £15 to do three weeks worth of ironing   – massive pile – and she did it, in about three hours. And while not to my standard, good enough. So very pleased about that, and she has offered to do it every week for £5 on top of her pocket money. Which I think is fair enough, as her pocket money isn’t tied to chores, and doing the family ironing is more than I would expect her to do normally. She DID ask about laying the table, emptying the dishwasher etc, which she does do most days, but I told her I thought those jobs were a reasonable part of living in a family, and there would be nothing extra for them.

She’s wrote a mammoth letter today, and has been doing lots of drawing a reading. The rest of the time she’s been doing hormones.



  1. jax said

    If you’re coming to Derbyshire, you’d better let us know when! Seemed like there were a lot of shows up your way though, odd if there aren’t any breeders.

  2. Chris (portico) said

    Have you tried finding breeders through:


  3. Jan said

    There were a couple of border terrier pups for sale at our local farm shop today. Want me to post you one? 😉

  4. dottyspots said

    You can also locate breeders at the Kennel Club site. Border terriers are sweet 🙂

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