Airborne sex

Today is the day of the flying ants. We had never seen such a thing till we moved here the year dd was born. I arrived home with the pram on one of these hot muggy August days, to find the house covered in the things. I’m a pretty robust sort of person, but I freaked out, managed to unlocked the car which was outside the house, and phoned Bob at work, to insist he came home IMMEDIATELY. Rather more stoic about them now, though they are really unpleasant, and we seem to have millions of them outside. So we are indoor with a hatches battened down, till they get on with their mid air procreation, and sod off for the winter.

DD did some Chemistry this morning, going to have to find her a decent chemistry set though. She seems really sad and lonely at the moment, and Bob and I have been doing our agonising over school thing again. She was crying about wanting to see Pea and Boo in bed last night, and it’s not really ideal that the kids she sees are her friends are 500 miles away. I even suggested she tried school for this year – the last year of primary, then came out again if she wanted, hoping she would at least have made some contacts. She point blank refuses though, and if anything is probably more against the idea of school now than she has ever been. I just hope she doesn’t feel she needs to hang out against it to prove something. I’m really worried about her. 😦

This afternoon, we had a quick trip to IKEA,  as we seem to have no glasses other than wine glasses in the house. Popped into the Science centre to pick up a programme for the year, and played board games for a while when we came back. She is reading now (decided to re-read the entire HP series before she read the last book, so is just finishing off number 5), and I’m looking for a displacement activity for my worry.



  1. Joanna said

    I really sympathise with your worries – it must be really painful to watch her going through that. I guess you’ve probably tried the clubs/activities approach?

    We get the flying ant thing here though it seems to have been pretty mild this year. Horrible.

  2. Joyce said

    Yeah, during term time she has an activity on 4 evenings a week, plus Sat morning, the problem is that the other kids all arrive with their own pals (and in fact don’t turn up if their friends from school are not going for any reason). So she seems to be well enough like when she is there, but nothing ever comes from it in terms of longer term relationships. I also think that while it didn’t matter when they were younger, she is now noticably different as a result of being HE-ed. Or maybe she would have been anyway. Bottom line is, sometimes I wish we hadn’t started down this route, for that reason alone. Everyone said socialising wouldn’t be a problem, but we’ve found it almost insurrmountable. In some ways, I’d advise people now to think twice about HE for that reason alone.

  3. hmm, I think wiht all the health issues etc that H has had to deal with she would always have been more “grown up” than other girls adn so stand out as “different” regardless. But I do understand what you mean about social lives being harder to develop, especially for an only one, it’s something I worry about.

    And yuck to flying ants! We’ve not had them this year thank goodness (well not yet anyway!)

  4. Allie said

    I really feel for H, and you two, being in this situation. Are there really no HEors more locally that may turn out to be friends? Every academic year new people turn to HE down here. Could you investigate the EO contacts list anew?

    I think that the social side would be the only thing that would ever lead our P back to school. I know how much more important her friends are to her than they were a couple of years ago. We are so damn lucky here – P has easy access to more than ten home educated girls within a couple of years of her age – and loads of boys too. I guess all you can do is make sure H knows that school is there if she changes her mind.

  5. Roslyn said

    I’ll get them to call in the morning- or will that make her worse?

    Let’s book Manchester asap so there is something to look forward to.

    Hate flying ants. We had them for three years running inside and outside the house. I hoovered them up.

    Wish Pea would go to school so we could only argue for 6 hours a day rather than 12.

  6. HelenHaricot said

    hmm, socialisation thing bothers me too.
    on the ant front, i was out this year and returned to find greenhouse adorned with ants caught in the spiders web. but the year before, I saw when they first seemed to be crawling out of their whome in the cracks between patio and pond, and rather non vegetarianly i poured hot water all down those areas. no winged ants. maybe thats why they were the more determined this year

  7. Sarah said

    Socialisation thing is a nightmare with school as well though, just a different way round. You can’t win.

  8. Claire said

    I really feel for you both being in this awful situation.

    I’m pleased I came across this post though as for a long while I have had the feeling that it was just us feeling this way. DD is six and goes to lots of clubs but it’s the same thing here – the school friends stick together and nothing really comes of it outside of the group.

    I do hope things look up for you both soon.

  9. Elaine said

    You sound to be really close to us (Fairlie, Largs) and like us you seem to spend time at Braehead .
    have you tried the waterfront at Greenock yet for the swimming , flumes, river, bubbles, waves it’s great ( not much swimming gets done though lol:) )

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