Gosh, life is *so* exciting

New carpets were laid today, and everyone being forced to remove shoes in the storm porch, which will continue till I get bored of it. We are all really sneezy tonight, which I guess is new carpet dust, which enable me to say “see, I *told* you we should have laminate.” I do so like to be proved right. Anyway, it’s a sure sign we’ll now move by Xmas.

DD still peaky, and slept in the caravan this afternoon to avoid the carpet-layers. One of whom had a 6 inch red mohican, which is so *not* the-town-where-we-live. I thought he looked great 🙂

Sooty is lovely. Just like a imagined a GP would be, and so unlike Rose, who was always looking for an escapte route, and as she was smooth haired, I always felt she was only a particle of DNA away from being a rat.  This one is just a cuddly bundle of fur. She slept in my kangeroo pocket for a while this morning, leading to mohican man asking me when the baby was due, which I found rather flattering that he thought it was a biological possibility 😀



  1. HelenHaricot said

    if only i could remember the book, about an abbysinian ginea pig and a grandfather clock, and what happened in the chimes

  2. Roslyn said

    pmsl! No chance of Bob getting a red mohican?

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