A new baby in the family ;-)

Decided I just couldn’t watch Martha the GP pining for one more day, so went and bought a new GP: Sooty, the Abyssinian. Just 9 weeks old, and very sweet. Contrary to all my anxieties about it, Martha welcomed her with open paws (although she did mount her a few times, but apparently that’s normal). DD was a bit tearful, as I think she still harbours hopes that Rose may come home. We planned to keep them apart tonight, but they got on so well all day, decided to risk them in the same hutch. Just checked on them, and the baby is sound asleep, with Martha spooned into her, with one paw over her shoulders. Awwwww.

DD slightly better today at last. I’ve worked most of the day, when not supervising GP bonding, and Bob has sanded down the banisters. leaving red dust all over the garden. Although they do look better now. Just need to give them a lick of clear varnish, then we can get them up again.

Schools went back here last week, so already fending off the “enjoying being back to school?” and “what lessons are you teaching her this year questions” Sigh.



  1. Roslyn said

    Can’t get my head around school in August though with the crap weather they may as well be back! if one more person says to me what curriculum am I following I’ll scream.

    Welcome Sooty šŸ™‚

  2. layla said

    I LOVE Abyssinians, that’s what I had as a child, my favourite was called Oddball.

    I’d love a GP – cats need to die first though šŸ˜‰

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