More medicinal domestos :-(

Took dd to GP this morning, and she’s now on one of the wonder antibiotics, since the big standard one did not do very much. He also tried to take a swab, and she vomited on the floor. Lovely. Mind you, when he looked again afterwards (and to be fair, he WAS very stoic about it!), he thought the abcess looked like it had burst, and it certianly looked as if she’s chucked up a load of pus. Sorry, were you eating your dinner?

You know, given that kids health issues, WTF would she have been like without four years of breastfeeding??

Anyway, (fanfare of trumpets!!) two course bookings today, which is fantastic. Bought a lectern off eBay. Hope I don’t get stung for a massive customs payment, but I reckon I colud be charged 40 quid, and even with the postage from the states, would STILL be less than they cost in the UK. Toying with a laser printer. At the moment, I’m getting my manuals done at a print shop, and it’s good because they do the drilling, but thy just don’t do a good collation job, so they need a lot of checking. If I did it at home, dd could join the business, and assemble the manuals, thereby saving for her MotB fund. Headlines: “mum keeps tot off school to work in sweatshop”. The printers themselves are really very reasonable, just trying to work out what toner will cost.

Right, Friday night, so dinner and wine 🙂



  1. nic said

    Hope wonder drugs sort H out soon.

    Yay to course booking, pmsl at lecturn (I’ve always wanted to stand behind a lecturn preaching at people about something ;)).

  2. Joyce said

    Ah, I don’t actually stand behind it – though I do a lot of that at work lol. No, NLP etc is traditionally trained from higher chairs – like bar stools – I won’t explain why, or you will only all make a fool of me. So you need a lectern to the side of you to keep your notes on.

  3. Allie said

    Erk – those tonsils sound awful, poor H.

    I suspect our L would love a lectern from which to preach.

  4. businessbackwards said

    Tonsils just sound unbearable.

    Did you know a laser printer cartridge (thing, whatever they are called) uses a gallon of oil to make each one. Scary.

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