Generally irritating day

1. DD has an abscess on her tonsil. Again. We saw the ENT consultant 6 months ago, as she had a hideous time all last year, with I think, about 8 bouts of really nasty tonsillitis. The GP thought she really needed them out (and he did say her hadn’t referred a kid for tonsillectomy for a year, so he obviously didn’t just do it willy nilly. Anyway, the doctor at the hospital (not our favourite paed), said to wait six months. She did have about 2 months at the beginning of the summer when she was OK, but this is her third bout in as many months, and she looks ghastly.

2. My computer is driving me nuts. I get a “can’t display page message”very single time I try a web site. It usually works on the third or 4th reload. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting on the microsoft support pages, and none of them work. The other PCs in the house are fine. I then decided it was an IR thing, and changed to firefox, but still no luck šŸ˜¦

3. A bloody cat (did I ever mention I hate cats), has started to terrorise the guinea pig by sitting on the top of her run (fortunately it has a lid), and licking it’s lips at her for hours at a time. I keep chasing it, but it just gives me that bloody cat-look, and gets back up. That damn rodent isn’t going to be able to take much more trauma.

4. Bob drank the last glass of wine.

5. DD has just taken the last paracetamol



  1. businessbackwards said

    Love Merry

  2. layla said

    Poor DD, I remember how awful last year was šŸ˜¦

    Drinking the last glass of wine is not excusable!

  3. drinking last glass of wine may well be unforgivable….

    hope H feels better soon, grrr to specialist that didn’t sort it out straight away.

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