Tonsils like tomatoes, she has.

We’d been planning to go visiting today, then DD woke up with a temperature and a sore throat, so she has spent the day dozing in bed, leaving me free to get on with a range of boring and necessary taks. I had a 17 item list this am, and have cleared it all, with items as diverse as pay my NI, apply for a Makro card, do my filing, and submit claims to Royal Mail for all the eBay items allegedly not delivered. I’ve had to make three refunds in the last month, which seems unusual to me. I suppose you don’t know if mail you aren’t expecting isn’t delivered, but I don’t think I ever find that mail I AM expecting doesn’t come, though everyone else claims the mail is completely unreliable. Nice to see my desk again 🙂

Have also updated my business blog. I had thought I’d been very smart, and written three articles to be released at weekly intervals while we were away. Clearly however I didn’t set it up properly, as nothing was posted. Not sure what I did wrong there.

Nearly killed the remaining cavy, as it fell asleep on my lap while I was typing, and I forgot it was there, and stood up… seems OK, and it DID land on its feet :blush: Oh, and T bird – they are both boys. We just pretend they are girls, because…., well, dd desperately wanted to call them Rose and Martha. Which is probably why Rose left home, and is possibly now in counselling for gender confusion.  Martha seems a little happier today. We’ve stuffed a used sock of dd’s with straw, and given it that to cuddle, plus put an old t shirt of mine in the hutch with it. This morning it was spooned into the sock, and lying on the t shirt when we went to get her out. So not only does it have gender confusion, it is soon to have species confusion……

Bob has finally agreed we can have a dog. Which means I can no longer blame our lack of dog status on him, and have to consider if *I* really want one. Well, I do want one, I’m just not sure how we’d fit it into our lives. You can vote in the usual place 🙂



  1. Roslyn said

    Yes!!!!! We’ll dog sit anytime! see if he hadn’t ballsed up the hall he’d never had said yes!

    Poor Martha. Ours are boys and two had girls names. Twinkle became Fred yesterday. Might need the number of that counsellor.

    I’ve never not had anything delivered I’m expecting either. I always use signature post for ebay- amazing how that works for no claims 😉 There have been the postal strikes which have caused a massive backlog, we have been getting post out of date order.

  2. Joyce said

    Ballsed up the hall, AND lost a GP!!

  3. Gender and species confused critters… Only on the Blogring…..

    Hope H recovers from tomato sized tonsils nice and quickly, poor lass.

  4. HelenHaricot said

    I have had a couple of things not delivered from ebay – and that reminds me i am too late to make a fuss. one admitted sending to the wrong address mind you!! they had the wrong number on, and said it was my responsibility to go to the wrong address and pick it up – no thankyou! doesn’t happen at all often though

  5. Jax said

    Can’t think of anything that hasn’t arrived, apart from a cheque one guy said he’d sent in payment for something. The duplicate never arrived either, and neither did any more emails from him. Hm.

  6. businessbackwards said

    Well, my RM tale of woe is that i send 500+ parcels a month and normally don’t lose any. In July i sent 800 and lost 30. They were mostly northern ones, mostly ones posted on the 28-31st (the first batch being earlier but all arrived in a week) and all of them bar one has finally arrived, 2 weeks late at it’s destination.

    When i phoned up my business manager bloke, he admitted that while the sorting offices had cleared their backlogs, the 2 huge depos were jammed up, being staffed by untrained agency staff and what went in first was coming out last, hence some things taking 2 weeks late.

    So chances are they will yet arrive. I’m now down to 3 unarrived things, which is an improvement i guess.


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