Honey, I’m home

Eventually arrived in Salisbury after an uneventful 9 hour drive, which started with me having one final tantrum just before we left, and saying I wasn’t going on holiday, and Bob taking me seriously 😯

Thirty minutes after we arrived the sun came out, and it sunned constantly for the next 14 days. Bliss. It has rained at home every day since June, I think, so that was a pleasant surprise. Quickly set the van up, and rushed into town before the shops closed to buy a range of essential and left-at-home items. Knickers for me, antihistime for dd, lightbulbs for the caravan, and something to read for Bob.

All fell into bed knackered at about 9pm, and be woken an hour later by dd having the vapours about going to camp the following day. Made soothing “pull yourself together and go back to sleep noises”, and we all had a good night.

I was on a writing deadline for a project I had taken on, so Bob took dd to camp the next day while I churned out a few metres, and when he got back mid afternoon, we went to Bournemouth, had a long walk along the front, and some ice-cream and fish and chips. In that order.

Every other year it’s been hard for us to relax when dd was at camp. The first year I just worried, the second I was only just back on my feet after being so ill, and the journey to Bristol had exhausted me to such an extent that I tripped and fell within hours of arriving, covered my self in bruises, and needed walking sticks for the week. But this year was lovely 🙂

Tuesday we went to Isle of Wight, out of the ferry, and back on the fast cat, and then in the evening, had a poke round Southampton. Tuesday we spent the day doing tourist things in Salisbury. It’s a city really well set up for walking and cycling, and we had a lovely day, with numerous stops in pavement cafes, pretending to be abroad 🙂

Wednesday we went to Portsmouth, wondered around the historic quay, but decided not to visit anything as I though it was something dd might enjoy the following week, so we went and fingered lots of lovely stuff we had no intention of buying in the rather swish shopping centre at the harbour.

Thursday I was in a panic about my deadline, so worked all day, out in the sun with laptop and glass of wine, rather pleasant, and on Friday, Bob and I went back to Bournemouth where we really just hung out.

Satuarday, Bob went to collect dd, while I worked again, and when she came back, de-nitted her (well I don’t think she had any, but others did, so wasn’t taking any chances), and spent a pleasant hour going through her bag chucking out socks and pants I wasn’t even going to try to get the mud out of, and washing the rest of her things. She had a fantastic time, the best year yet apparently. Really enjoyed being with Ros’s girls. There is one girl, R, who goes to camp as well, and though we’ve moved dd’s week every year, this child always ends up going the same week. She’s one of those kids who could create an argument in an empty house, I suspect. She was very nasty, apparently, to the child dd went with the first year, and there had been a bit of a falling out, last year it was dd’s turn to be the butt of her behaviour – I was really worried last year when we arrived, as when dd was unpacking, this child came into the dorm, looked at her, and went “oh great, that turd is here again!” I felt if she was prepared to do that in front of us, then there was no knowing what she might do when there was no one around, and dd came home in tears last year, as she felt this child had tried to ensure she was excluded from things. However, this year she was in a different room at least, and while still nasty, I think it had less effect. And yes, I know I’m only hearing one side of the story! Anyway, she has decided she really wants to go for two weeks next year, so is already saving up for that.

Sunday, Bob was going home, as he only had a week off work, so we drove him to the airport. It was very hot, and dd was miserable with hayfever, as she’d forgotton her tablet. At home she deals with it herself, but of course at camp they aren’t allowed to keep their own drugs, so she’d got used to having it doled out every day. As I don’t do doling, I’d forgotton in the morning, and so had she was despite it being hot, we decided an airconditioned, pollen free cinema might be the place for a few hours.

We had a lovely week together, we’ve been really bad tempered with each other for weeks, and it was good to just have some unpressured time together. Unfortunately, the cold I had in the first week developed into a chest infection, so we did have to go to the NHS drop in centre, and that slowed me down for a couple of days, though we still had an excellent time. Went to Bournemouth again, and had a tethered balloon ride, went to Portsmouth and visited all the ships, took a harbour tour, and went up the Spinnaker tower, complete with walk on glass floor. Visited Longleat (dd secretly has a thing for Ben Fogle, and lives in hope she will meet him there!), went to an otter sanctury at Southampton she wanted to see, took the tour round Stonehenge and generally acted like the tourists we were. Only disappointment was not being able to see Nic and co. They were originally planning to stay only about 15 miles from us, for the last few days of the holiday, but a last minute change of campsite for them meant they were too far for us to go to in the time we had.

Saturday we picked Bob up again at the airport after lunch, and we all had a lazy time at the caravan, left very early in the morning, and had an easy nine hour drive home. To rain. Ah well.

The big downside of the holiday was Bob losing Rose the GP. I am so angry at him. The pigs were staying with a friend while we were all away, and Bob picked them up on the middle Sunday when he got home. Now we know the garden can’t be GP-proof, as Rose has escaped several times. She when they are free-ranging, I always insist someone stays in the garden to watch them. And he always gives me a hard time, saying the thing most destined to make me want to commit murder, which is “will you RELAX!  They won’t go far”. So without me there to insist, he left them, and Rose scarpered. We told dd straight away, and she’s been upset all week everytime she thinks about it. We hoped she’d come home, and put Martha in her indoor cage for a few day, so we could leave the hutch open, but that’s a week now, and she hasn’t re-appeared. So we are now left with the problem of what to do with Martha, who is visibly pining, and spending all her time cowering in the back of the hutch, not eating very much. I’d get another, except not sure if Martha would allow another pig into her space, and the thought of having to keep them separate is just too much. Any cavy experts out there?

And the good thing was I came back to 7 more ezine sign up’s on Charis NLP, plus three enquires and a course booking, which means that the site must be starting to be found 🙂

Right, the washing…..



  1. jax said

    good to have you back.

  2. Kirsty said

    glad you had a good time. Sounds fab.

  3. Roslyn said

    Welcome back. The girls told me this morning I supposed to arrange to meet you in Portsmouth FFS! Glad you had a good week with H. I know what you mean about getting on each others nerves. Pea and I have been just the same but have had a lovely week this week.

    Must look at your site properly as really keen to start my training 🙂

    Our GP’s escaped but we got them back luckily. Sorry Rose vanished and Tony would probably have much the same attitude as Bob.

    How’s the decorating?

  4. Roslyn said

    Pea had an almighty row with a girl called E. The staff had to come and sort them out. I just told the staff that I wasn’t concerned as E was a liar and Pea had been told not to tolerate them. Pea liked R last year but was a shit this year, reading between the lines she was only nice to Pea last year to annoy H which I think it did.

  5. HelenHaricot said

    glad a great time was had. no idea about gp’s. woohoo to site taking off

  6. oh no to GP 😦 is there a small animal re-homing/rescue place anywhere near who could tell you about finding a new firend for Martha? I know the boars won’t tolerate a new face on the block (unless it’s a sow…) but I’m not sure about sows. I know you are supposed to keep them company if they are on their own so lots of cuddles etc but not a lot else.

  7. nic said

    Sounds like a nice holiday – was a real shame not to meet up, particularly reading about you being at places so close to where we live / were holidaying 😦
    Sorry to hear about the missing GP, pets are a bloody nightmare 😦
    Excellent news about Charis 🙂

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