Counting down to holiday

Although not sure about flood situation.  We are going to Wiltshire and Somerset, and I can’t find anything on line to say they are flooded, though of course involve the M5. To be honest, I have no urge to go away at all atm, and if it were not for DD going to camp down there, we’d just head northwards I think. I suppose I’ll enjoy it when I’m away, at the moment, it all just feels like too much hassle.

Had a lovely day yesterday visiting a friend who is staying in a static van nearby. It was a scorching day, and it just rushed by. No photos, though never saw the kids from the moment we arrived anyway.

Washing machine man came again today – the saga continues – and spent three hours doing something inside it, and said I couldn’t use it yet for another 48 hours. Which given I’ve had no machine for three weeks, and am meant to be going on holiday in three days is a bit of a bummer. He didn’t even sound convinced he’d actually fixed it, and Bob’s theory is that he is probably going on ohliday himself in a couple of days, and didn’t want me to find out it wasn’t working till he was safely on a beach in Tenerife. TV also came home this morning, and seems to be taking up a vast amount of room after getting used to the little portable sitting there.

DD has decided she’d like to have a go at Standard Grade chemistry this year – no exams or anything, just to work through the programme, so we spent a couple of hours this morning looking at the periodic table, and I learned more about it than I ever did at school. Rather embarrassing to discover how much larger it’s got since then as well! Then she suddenly complained of a headache, and I realised she had a bit of a fever, so she’s been lying on the sofa since, reading HP. We’ve eaten party food from the freezer for lunch, as no bread, and I’m just about ready to doze off as well.



  1. t-bird said

    Standard grade chemistry? Oh gosh…. remind me how old she is again????

  2. Joyce said

    She’s only just 11. I don’t know if she will see it through or not, and certainly don’t want her to feel pressured. However, she is interested, and I feel we’ve almost exhausted the kitchen science approach, so I’m happy to support her in this if she wants to give it a go. And we’re aiming at the foundation level stuff atm, as I don’t want to shake her somewhat fragile writing confidence. What suprised me was *I* found it interesting.

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