William and JK

Early start yesterday, as Jo the music teacher was coming. She says DD is doing really well on the keyboard, and has started her on fingered chords (I think I was meant to understand the significance of this, but I didn’t). Last lesson for a few weeks though, as we are off on holiday next week. So glad I wasn’t travelling on the M5 yesterday, as that had been our original plan.

Posted some parcels, than dd nearly fainted in Boots. I remember at about 13 I went through a spell on being very faint-y, so I hope it was just a one off. I half-carried her into Waterstones and she had hot chocolate and a cheese toastie, and that seemed to help.

We had been planning to see Much Ado about Nothing in the evening, though we hadn’t bought tickets in case the rain started. However it was still fair at 6pm, so we set off to Stirling. I have to be honest, and say I found it interminably boring. I assumed that DD would be as well, so had consoled myself with the thought of leaving in the interval. That plan was scuppered when she turned to me and said “isn’t this the most fantastic thing you’ve seen? It’s brilliant!” Ah well, glad she enjoyed it, and it’s showing all over the country over the summer, so you can decide which of us to believe  -she’s still raving about it today, so it certainly made an impression. I got chatting to one of the cast in the interval, and he was saying that the audiences were about half the size this year, with pre-bookings away down because of the weather, so they were finding it a struggle financially. The setting was perfect – the stage was set up in front of a small lake, with a vast oak tree to the side. Unfortunately, that made it a perfect setting for midgies as well, and I’m covered in bites today.

Were back  just before midnight, so went into town to see if there was anything happening HP-wise. All three book shops had queues, but there was nothing going on at all. Obviously spoiled in our expectation, as we were in Brighton when the last book was released, and Borders had a party all evening. Basically here though, the shops were closed, and just re-opened for a couple of hours at midnight. So we abandoned that, and picked a copy up for £5 in the 24 hour ASDA on the way home. Not sure if she’s started to read it or not, as she has locked herself in her room while Bob and I struggle with hanging the wall paper down the long drop on the stairs.  Better go back and help, I suppose.



  1. Sarah said

    are fingered chords the same as arpeggios?

    Good luck with the wallpaper. The long drop on the stairs is the exact reason we’re getting decorators in for our hallway, given that some of it reaches from the 2nd floor all the way down to the ground (and neither of us have even tried hanging wallpaper before), we decided it was one step removed from our decorating capabilities. Actually probably more than one!

    Steve was quite glad he opted for the A303 rather than the M5 yesterday, too!

  2. Roslyn said

    Thanks for the parcel 🙂 MUCH appreciated. Should I say I’ve nabbed the skirt LOL!

    We did the stairs once…

    Eastbourne did nothing for HP except open Waterstones for 2 hours at midnight. Shit really.

    I spent about 4 years fainting in shops.

  3. t-bird said

    we elected to paint rather than wallpaper – my nerves couldnt’ stand the thought of 2 clumsy people wielding that much glue adn expensive paper!

    Duke wandered into our local Asda at 10 past 12 to get our copy of HP just as the screaming hoards were running back out of the shop with their copies to rush home and start! Aparently there had been fighting in the queue 🙄

  4. Joyce said

    Sarah, I have *no* idea :blush: Katy – we would paint, but the walls aren’t up to it, and plastering is *really* beyond our skills.

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