A camp made for one

So much for guide camp provising socialising opportunities. out of 20 kids expected, dd was the only one to turn up. I must say the guiders deserved a medal – I’d have been very tempted in their situation to phone us and tell us to bring her home, but they decided to persevere. Apparently it was quite late before the finally gave up hope of anyone else appearing, so they decided to stay one night, having checked that DD was happy to sleep be herself in a tent for 10 (apparently she couldn’t sleep in the guider’s tents for child safety reasons :roll:) and she was, so they stayed the one night. By morning she had charmed them all so much with her eagerness to do all things camp-like before she was returned home, they decided what the hell, they would just concentrate on giving her a really good camp experience, and stay the three nights. So she has dug latrines, made camp showers, built fires, rubbed sticks together for flames, and generally had an excellent time. But ffs, how rude is it possible to be – I just think it’s awful that people are so careless of the time and effort volunteers put into things sometimes. It was Bob who picked her up and heard the story, so I phoned the guider when I got it to thank her, and she was really livid. Although apparently, dd is a total paragon of virtue :-D, and as she was the only person to turn up, they are putting her name forward to go to the international camp next year. The places are limited, and dd has been desperate to go, and I’ve been trying to manage her expectations, so she is now apparently top of the list for our region.

I did feel quite desperate myself though, no matter what she does, it’s like she can’t meet other kids. No HE-ers,  no kids round the doors, and now no kids going to the kid’s events either. Sigh.

Anyway, must go to work.



  1. Roslyn said

    FFS! That’s utterly terrible. Can’t quite get my head round it tbh. Well done H for sticking it out and for the staff at makign it fab for her.

    Loads of kids expected at MoTB 🙂 I know this doesn’t help at all.

  2. layla said

    Bloody hell of awful! People are so rude!!

    I’m glad H got something out of it though.

  3. Alison said

    Christ. That’s appalling. Had the no-shows paid any money?

  4. Sarah said

    That is awful. Hope she jolly well gets to go to the International one after that!

  5. t-bird said

    that is incredibly rude but more power to the leaders for letting H have a good time and do so much anyway. Really hope she gets to go to the international one, that would be great.

    Can you “foster” H out to any other Home Ed family for a few days here and there for a bit of intensive socialising?

  6. nic said

    That’s crap! Well done to DD and the guide leaders though for making the best of it.

    You really need to move – loads of children down here 🙂

  7. Roslyn said

    Been thinking about this all day- seems very odd indeed that 19 other people all didn’t turn up…

  8. Alison said

    Me too Ros! Can’t understand it at all.

  9. jax said

    you can foster her out down here any time you like. Can’t believe that 19 families would be so amazingly rude – there’s usually a 50% no show/ no response at any party that involves school kids, and our school had to cancel the last school outing because only 16 children out of nearly 50 responded at all to say whether they wanted to go. 19 out of 20 must be breaking all records though.

  10. t-bird said

    The last RAinbow event Aprilia went to had very few atendees, out of the 15 at her group only she went, the other local groups were similarly poorly represented but they all had a good time anyway I gather. It does make you wonder doesn’t it?

  11. Merry said

    Good grief. How bizarre and HOW annoying. Glad H had a ball anyway 🙂

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