The oddest thing

I was wandering round the blog ring, and read Deb’s post about family size. And the oddest realisation dawned. I’m glad suddenly that fertility (which was actually not that impressive in the first place) is over for me. I probably spent 15 years longing for a baby, and then another 10 longing for the sibling that didn’t appear. Proably about 18 months ago I accepted that it was over, and got on with planning My Life: Phase 2 😉 Nevertheless, it was an acceptance of a sadness, rather than an embracing of change. Tonight for the first time ever, I suddenly feel glad that it’s over. For the first time in probably about 24 years I can say with all honesty that I don’t want a baby. Which is rather pleasant to discover, as it would just be a total bitch to be menopausal AND broody simultaneously. So I won’t be making any headlines as the oldest woman in Britain having an assisted pregnancy after all. Damn, will need to think of another PR hook 😀



  1. Roslyn said

    Sounds like a really good step forward. You can look forward to Granny status now 🙂

  2. layla said

    It is a very good place to be. It struck me recently that part of the reason I’m so happy is that I’m neither pregnant not trying to be pregnant 🙂

  3. Merry said

    Sounds good. At the moment i can’t imagine that, so knowing you and how much you’ve wanted more, i’m jkind of encouraged that one day i might feel like that too, rather than just endlessly crap.

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