…. we stripped wallpaper. (Slight theme emerging here). I didn’t think we watched a lot of TV, and I’m amazed at what we get done without one. Did watch this on the laptop last night, and we all enjoyed it. DD has even done some writing today afterwards.

Had our 25 year old wedding present three piece suite picked up. I evn forgot to take a photo of it for posterity – must look on Nic’s, I’m sure she has one. Even gave him some of my cushions! New one arrives tomorrow.

Bob painted hall and landing ceilings, while DD and I chose carpets. Sorted out all the dvds and videos that were threatening to take over the house. Still have two boxes, but it feels more manageable. Don’t mention the books, obviously.

I cleared the four feet high pile on ironing (there *were* three pairs of floor length curtains in the pile as well, not a total slut). While I was doing that, noticed a flash of white passing the end of our drive, and realised that Rose the GP was making a bid for freedom. It took nearly an hour to catch her, she really moved fast. We’ve been letting them have the run of the back garden during the day if we are at home, and we thought it was GP-proof. Clearly not, so I think we are going to have to re-think our free-range approach, which is a bit upsetting. Had I not been at the window today, she’d have been gone forever.

DD has been reading a lot, and being helpful when she’s in the mood for company. She’s off to guide camp tomorrow, so is beside herself with excitment tonight. The camp list was eventually run to ground, and we realised that it had been downloaded for the international guide assoc, and was for girls going camping in the wilds of Canada, so nothing very helpful for here anyway.

Off to have a roast dinner, and settle down on camp chairs for the evening – just how we started off   – how romantic 😉



  1. Roslyn said

    I have photos in my stream. Can’t believe it’s gone!

    Talking of camp list I must dig out the MoTB one and get naming items!

  2. Joyce said

    I’m only letting dd take crap to MoTB, in the hope it won’t all come home. Last year I threw loads of stuff straight in the bin, as I only let her take things she was on the point of growing out of.

  3. Sarah said

    All the new decoration/stuff sounds hugely exciting 🙂

  4. Roslyn said

  5. nic said

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