And the educational opportunities just keep coming

Loud buzzing in the loft turns out to be a wasp’s nest. (£80 and a mass of lethal chemicals required to eradicate, but can’t be done for a week as apparently wasp’s nests are everywhere. Which may be the fault of global warming. Or the new government in Scotland. Or possibly Tony Blair did it as a last act of defiance. Or maybe it’s down to El Nino. Whatever – they won’t come for a week.)

Interview with journalist about Charis NLP . DD’s quote “yes, she tries to NLP me quite a lot, I always know it’s coming as she has a special voice for it. I think she *is* quite good at it actually, but Dad and I just tell her to go and NLP someone else. She tried to NLP the wasp man this morning, and then she just got narked when he wouldn’t come”. Thanks, kiddo.

More wallpaper stripping

Trip to laundrette (as washing machine out of commision for at least another week)

No TV (just a big dusty space where it sat before it exploded)

Row about missing Madagascar Gameboy game, which she insists she loaned to someone and can’t remember who. 🙄

Rather unpleasant episode of blocked toilet turned out to be a rubber glove (in a colour I can’t even remember ever possessing, so not sure how that got there). However, toilet flush now more effective than it’s been for months, so I suspect it’s been there for a while.

DD told my mum she was fed up of her bloody hormones. Thereby proving that despite a lack of social intercourse with large numbers of her peer group in an educational setting, it is still feasible to learn to swear.

Father has lost camp list for guide camp on Monday, and remains unconcerned about the fact it is bound to have one item on it, which will be vital for total peer acceptance and integration, and which I will not think of off top of head.



  1. Sarah said

    I know I shouldn’t laugh, but I am. Well, not about the wasp’s nest, or the loo, but the quotes from H. Re. guide camp – include a big bag of sweets/midnight feast fare and the acceptance/integration should happen well anyway regardless of the one important item you forget 😉

  2. nic said

    We’ve got a bees next which we’re viewing as an educational opportunity- I’ve even been encouraging the children to get ‘just one sting’ to ‘see what it feels like’. 😆 and of course it would be like a controlled experiment where I could whip them straight to A&E if they had an allergic reaction knowing precisely what caused it and the exact time it happened!

    I can’t believe you would ever own a pair of rubber gloves you don’t remember, I imagine you have a strict rotation of order for colour 😉

    PMSL @ the NLP quote from DD – I noticed you trying to NLP someone on a blog comment the other day (can’t remember where now…) and meant to tell you not to 😆

  3. Joyce said

    Nah, wasn’t me. Though I think I do know the comment you mean, and I thought it was actually just a simple dose of common sense! Which by mr p’s definition, means it could not possibly have been NLP 😀

  4. Roslyn said

    Have grilled the kids and they don’t have the game.
    How do you NLP someone? 😉

  5. Chris said

    Ros’; use lots of big words, play them the sound of the sea, and charge them a £1,000.

  6. HelenHaricot said

    on my blog? but it IS a dose of common sense, and you can NLP me whenever you like.

  7. nic said

    Yes it was Helen, just been and checked 🙂

    Chris, you forgot about the cushions – you can’t NLP someone without cushions 😆

  8. Joyce said

    Neither cushions, whale music nor big words necessary. And sadly have never charged anyone £1000 for a consultation. However, we can dream

  9. Roslyn said

    I should have charged that taxi driver that day!

  10. Merry said

    Oh, you can waft some nLP at me. I’m currently paying someone £1 a minute for it.

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