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I decided once the hall is re-decorated next week, that everything else would look tatty, so decided that dd and I would do the bathrooms today, without telling Bob what we were doing. So the instant he left for work, we both lept out of bed. I am totally knackered now – the decorating always used to be a shared task (Bob refuses point blank to pay anyone for doing something he can do himself – argh!), and since we’ve had dd, my task has been to keep her out of his hair (slight poetic license here!), so it must be 10 years since I did any. The top bathroom has floor to ceiling tiles, so it only needed the woodwork and the ceiling done, and the downstairs one had the walls, ceiling and woodwork done. I was worried dd would be liability, but actually she was really helpful, and cut in the paint from all the edges, so I could slap on the big areas. There must be an easier way to do a ceiling though, than with a brush, halfway up a step ladder. My neck will never be the same again.

She made a pasta/tuna/sweetcorn thingy for lunch, as we were both starving, and we are now about to leap into the bath before the carpet-measurer comes.  DD slightly mortified that I did the decorating in an old pair of pyjamas, partly for comfort, and partly as it wouldn’t matter if i got paint on them.

And shit, bugger damn – she’s just been up to tell me the kitchen is flooded with that damn washing machine again.



  1. Gill said

    “And shit, bugger damn – she’s just been up to tell me the kitchen is flooded with that damn washing machine again.”

    Oh, I can SO relate to this! Mine does it too, but totally randomly. It’s fine 99% of the time, then it floods, then it’s fine again 🙄

    Stealthy decorating though – I love it!

  2. Roslyn said

    Bloody washing machine.

    I do all the DIY, though I’m worried about it all when we move as the new house is basically a renovation job! I used do a room if Tony was away on business, he used to get worried about coming home to see what I’d been up to 🙂 These days I’ve taken to buying pets- a rabbit today!

  3. t-bird said

    oh no to the dishwasher! but wow! to all that decorating!!!

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