Bloody hell

I *hate* extended warranties, loan insurance etc etc. This morning, I took out a small, (and I mean small) loan to pay for some work on our garage. We could just have paid it, but if we take money out of our savings, we never seem to pay it back, whereas we will pay off a loan. First of all, I had the thing of trying to explain to them that no, I didn’t want to release equity out of the house – the mortgage is on the home strait, and I had no intention of increasing it, I just wanted a nice short 12 month loan. So she spent 11 mins (I watched the clock!), asking me what I thought I would do if Bob left the house one day and never came back. “because it happens you know. Stroke, heart attack, accident. One minute he’s well, the next he’s gone” I explained that with the mortgage paid off, a death in service payment, and a life policy, I really didn’t think I would be worrying about a piddling 2K loan. But she went on an on about how I would feel the instant he died, when I had creditors “baying at the door”. I stood my ground, but I actually felt quite tearful at the end. The issue was  clearly not about the borrowing, as they offered me 5 times what I wanted, it was about the policy. And I know that’s where they make masses of money. I really felt quite stressed when I came off the phone though.

Then this afternoon, we bought a new suite and the salesman nearly managed to take all the pleasure out of it by telling me how it would be ruined for ever if we as much as sat on the damn thing, so we’d better insure it (for another £250). I said that if it was that vulnerable maybe I just shouldn’t buy it, as the last one was 25 years old, and was still going strong. He just went on an on, throwing grease and ink at a sample chair, to try to get me to buy it, and when I wouldn’t, was barely civil for the rest of the transaction.

And then (lol), I bought a hand held cleaner for the car out of Curry’s while we were at the retail park, and without even looking at what I’d bought, the guy at the till asked if if could interest me in an extended warranty (er – for a 9.99 cleaner???).

So home ed today has focussed mainly on what insurance is, how it works, how some basic insurance is helpful, and the rest is crap. Must have been something useful in there.



  1. Roslyn said

    I won’t recognise the place when I return! I hope the new sofa is as comfy as the present one! We never buy extended cover.

  2. HelenHaricot said

    complain about the sales pitch. way over the top. I always say no.

  3. t-bird said

    I’d definitely complain to both, how rude can you get! I don’t buy into these warentee things, either the produce is good enough and covered by a decent warenty from the factory or it had better be cheap enough to replace in 5 years time….

  4. layla said

    I always leave Si to deal with the insurance bit when we buy things – they are so aggressive. The only time we have ever bought the extended cover (the if you don’t claim you get your money back thing) the company went into receivership and we lost the money anyway.

  5. Ali said

    Grrr. Yes, one of my pet hates too, especially when they are so pushy.

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