Very satisfying day :-)

Bob ripped all the wallpaper off the hall, landing and stairs. We have a man coming on Tuesday to measure us for laminate and carpet. DD and I emptied her bedroom, gave it a good scrub, and have 6 bags of stuff on freecycle. Which as they insist on keeping me moderated for some reason, will appear – sometime.

I don’t think we can stretch to any major renovations -so no kitchen or bathroom, but I *have* been eyeing up a new suite in IKEA. After 25 years, I don’t think we’ve done too badly out of ours, and I really really have gone off it.  The man is going to measure us for the whole house (carpet upstairs, laminate down), so I am hoping we can get it. If not, have decided to do the living room, the hall, landing and stairs, and DDs room (which is also going to be laminate, even though it’s upstairs).

Donwnside is our telly exploded the other night. Less than three years old, so very pissed off. The previous one, we’d had since we were married, and I just loathe and detest things like that going to landfill. We are going to manage without over the summer, I think, and just have the odd dvd on the laptop.

GPs have been enjoying their freedom, and have had the run of the garden for the last two days. Still slightly nervous they might leg it, though we have blocked off all exit points. I feel much happier though to let them have the run of the place, I hate confining them to a little run. (Even though it is apparently quite a BIG run!)

Anyway, wine beckons 🙂


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