It’s like living in a swimming pool

I decided to carry on with the enthusiasm of yesterday, and attack both bathrooms with bleach. I literally scrubbed the tile grout between each tile with a toothbrush and bleach, and am rather embarrassed by quite how sparkly they are :blush: Curtains from all over the house are washed and hanging on the whirly, and DD has provided endless cups of tea and chat while I’ve been doing it.

I think I’ll probably run my first course in the house (assuming I’ll have less than 6 people), so it’s provided a bit of an impetus to get it looking nice. Although at the moment, there is chaos everywhere – no paper on the hall or stairs, DD’s grafitti everywhere, no curtains on any of the windows, the ironing basket reaching the ceiling, and then pockets of absolute hygiene 🙂

It’s good though to feel so much like my old self – last year was so tough, that I didn’t feel motivated to do anything, but I’m full of beans again, and that’s just such a relief. We were vaguely planning to go to Arran tomorrow, but the sony man is coming to take the TV away sometime, so we’ll probably just hang around the house. I don’t think it has rained today at all, which must be the first time in around 8 weeks, so it would be lovely if tomorrow was just a garden day.



  1. businessbackwards said

    I’d like to know where you’ve got your umfph back from, can you point me in that direction? I’m not sure if i’m long term post viral or long term post life-trauma, but all my va va voom is long gone. Would be delighted to know your secret 😉

  2. jax said

    Personally I’m hoping it just comes back with time.

  3. Sarah said

    ugh, I cannot muster the enthusiasm for bathroom tile grout scrubbing. Mine *never* seems to come back white again however hard I try 😦

    we’re having our hall/stairway decorated over the summer too – while we’re on holiday! thought that was a classy idea as I won’t have to put up with any of the mess.

    It is very nice to hear you feeling back to your old self again 🙂

  4. nic said

    We don’t have grout in the downstairs bathroom as we don’t have tiles. Upstairs we do but the grout is purple so no need to keep it gleaming white either :).

    You are indeed sounding very energetic and happy. That’s good 🙂 x

  5. Roslyn said

    I’ve been to your house this year- it was already spotless!

  6. Joyce said

    You wouldn’t have said that Ros if you saw what came off the tiles! Wondering if i have the will to attack the kitchen today.

  7. Roslyn said

    I’ve lost the will really seeing as we’re moving. Happy cleaning!

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