Is there anything more challenging..

….to a menopausal mother, than a hormonally charged daughter. My mother so knew what she was doing having her children before she was 27. Anyone considering a baby at 40 – be warned what awaits you 10 years down the line!

Anyway, apart from that, had a pleasant day as round about 11am is suddenly stopped raining – the absence of the noise was very disconcerting – and we toodled off for DD’s golf lesson. I sat in the sun with a magazine, though did nearly get lynched when my phone went off just yards from the first tee. Obviously need to get head round golf etiquette.

I’d packed a picnic, so we went to the beach to eat that, and had ice-creams. Beach was not nice today though with jellyfish, so came home and let the GP out to play for a while. Dragged cover off the pool, which has had no use this year so far, and it looked a bit scummy, so gave it a blast of lethal chemicals and switched the filter on for a few hours. Still to cold to use, but hopefully if I keep it ready…..

We both sat in the garden for a while, then I cajoled (bribed) DD into doing some weeding while I made chili (one l or 2??). Bob came home in a foul mood (what’s wrong with HIS bloddy hormones?), and went to take it out on scrubbing the algae off the caravan (which was good). DD loaded some music on her Ipod, then I loaded some audio books for her. Very irritatingly, Harry Potter had every single CD tagged differently on Gracenote, so I ended up doing it all manually. I hate it if the audiobooks aren’t ripped in a nice tidy order. See, even my iPod has tupperware 😉

And now all is peaceful at last. The lovely Jax is just about to resurrect me on the EY blogring, after more than a year’s absence, so all is well with the world 🙂



  1. Joanna said

    Oh dear, in 10 years’ time I shall be 52 with a 12 year old and a 16 year old – I am doomed!
    (2 ‘l’s in chilli!)

  2. HelenHaricot said

    like the bridge motif. i also have the menopause and menarche happening at the same time to look forward to! might keep the third m – mirena – for a considerable while!!

  3. I’m in denial about the possibilities of hormonal clashes in later years….

  4. layla said

    My mum (54) is experiencing the same with Lily (12) I sympathise!

    I keep reading GP as ‘general practioner’ 😉

  5. Joyce said

    LOL, so do I Layla, every time I read it back. Years of indoctrination. And oh god, I’m nearer your mum’s age, than I am yours. Now that DOES stretch my positive thinking to the limits!

  6. layla said

    lol she was far too young when she had me 😉

    … and I love the idea of you having a captive GP you let out to play every now & then!

  7. jax said

    you’re back, all is good 🙂

  8. HelenHaricot said

    btw i thought of calling bb Charis.

  9. Layla said

    Helen that was a name I liked for Claudie.

  10. Chris (portico) said

    I love the NLP blog BUT what a load of old shit.

  11. Joyce said

    I love you too Chris, BUT you are SUCH a PITA. Are you venturing north of Watford this year?

  12. Chris (portico) said

    I’d like to.

    What I have done is broken the ultimate aim – coming to Scotland – into multiple achievable steps.

    So I am planning a trip to St Albans as the first step 😉

    Would quite like to do Manchester at some point this summer. There is the Dr Who exhibition (for the kids) and the Myth of the North exhibition at the Lowry that I would quite like to see. Plus a tour of my student haunts.

  13. Joyce said

    We are still planning to do dr who in Manchester as well.

  14. businessbackwards said

    Fran was Charis until 3 days before she was born. Welcome back.

    I’ve been assuming that i’ll be like my mum and nana and not be menopausal until i’m 60, then the other day it occurred to me that maybe i won’t be like that at all and i was most put out. I haven’t bloody well got used to periods yet, i’m not nearly ready to consider them on their way out!

  15. businessbackwards said

    Oh, that’s me 🙂 Merry. Keep thinking i ought to have a blog call “the inaptly named” 😉

  16. Joyce said

    I’m mighty pissed off as well, actually, as my mum was 55, and claimed it was all over in three months, and my gran was 56. I assumed I’d be the same, but I knocked 10 years off my mum 😦

  17. nic said

    I’ve never had a child I called Charis for any period of time, before or after their birth, or indeed planned to. But I do like the name 🙂 I plan on my menopause not coinciding with anything happening to anyone I am living with at the time other than possibly A’s retirement 🙂

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