School’s out for summer.

Which means that we will for 6 weeks be released from the daily “skiving today, are you?” comments every time we step over our front door, to be replaced by the “only 6 weeks till they go back” “summer holidays are too long, aren’t they, they just get bored” and the “god, I wish they were back at school” coments. With few exceptions, and I probably know those people personally.

Oh well, the upside is that we’ve managed to get a place at golf school next week, and the diving clinic the week after. Then guide camp for dd, and then summer activity camp. So actually, a fairly hectic summer. 

Today we finally had a break in the clouds for a few hours, so we planted out all the patio tubs that have been waiting for ages, repotted the house plants, and did a massive pruning job on some sage. Had some baby stuff that I’d freecylced collected, and had a music lesson.

Have faffed around for ages trying to find a nice campsite for the summer, so that I can be relatively nearby summer camp. I know it’s woosy of me, but I just worry about being 500 miles away, and her breaking an arm or something, so I do like to be within a couple of hours. I’m going to be by myself this year though, as dh can’t get leave, so want something with a bit of buzz nearby.

And all of this is desplacement activity, as I’m disappearing under a wave of dust, here!



  1. Vicky said

    Oh dear, I have to confess I am one of the ones who is finding the summer holidays tough. My excuse is that my third is only 4 months old! I don’t think home-schooling is skiving by any means – I have a lot of respect for parents who can do this because you need so much patience. It is also hard to go against the norm. You are braver than me 🙂

  2. Vicky said

    Oh dear – my brain is addled. I left the wrong website address. I was hoping you would look at my parent-generated guide for places for kids in the UK. This time I have got it right.
    Sorry to bother you if you are not interested.

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