Snip snip!

Dee Dee’s hair came down to her bum till about 8 weeks ago. I have to say it drove me mad, as I was the one constantly having the get the snarls out for her. However, working on the premise of it being her hair, I kept my mouth shut. two months ago she had about 8 ins cut off, though it was still very long. This morning, she comes through and announces that she needed to go to the hairdresser. We managed to find one that would slot her in without an appointment, and she has come out with the most beautiful chin length bob. Apart from the fact I’m £25 lighter (!!!), I’m almost traumatised at how like herself she looks, and how unlike me, suddenly. Absolutely lovely, and growing up fast.

Otherwise, a quiet weekend, with foul weather. I was feeling sad not to be at HE camp, but when I looked at the weather reports, I’ve recovered myself slightly.

The guineas are now fully recovered, so I moved my anxiety from their physical health to their mental health, as I was convinced they were bored. We’ve spent today putting together little trees with treats tied onto the branches, tunnels etc, and they are now pop-corning like mad, which I am assurred is a sign of mental wellbeing and emotional stability, and not that they require counselling 🙂

Yesterday we went to out first ever car boot sale. Dee Dee was stung at the first car she stopped at, paying 60pence for a tatty Animal Ark book, but by the end she was in her stride, and managed to get an animal hospital areoplane, hospital, boat, ambulance and not sure what else (two bin bags full anyway), for £4. So much for me clearing things out last week.

She’s been asking if it would be possible to have a tutor recently, so we’ve been exploring that, without much success. The problem is that what she really wants is someone as lovely and unthreatening as her music teacher, but who will help her with English. Everyone we’ve spoken to can’t see past a school-curriculum type approach, which is not really what she wants.

Thankfully all the activities have stopped now for a few weeks, so evenings are our own again, and today we went to the library again, and for the first time EVER was offered the opportunity to order a book we wanted, rather than the usual “growl – no we don’t have that!”. Success:-)



  1. Roslyn said

    This is a much better look.
    I’m forever clearing out only to be restocked again. Wonder if it will ever improve or if I will still be storing things when they leave home!

    Photo of hair?

  2. nic said

    Re: guinea pigs, have you offered cushions? 😆

    Any chance of your campsite being near us for the summer?

  3. missed you at camp but I can quite see your point about not fancying all the mud! hope you have a bit of luck with finding the right tutor

  4. jax said

    trust me, you didn’t miss much at camp – it was the first time I didn’t enjoy camping, and if you’d driven that far to sleep in a bog, I don’t think you’d have enjoyed it.

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