Playing Florence

Have spent an exciting (not) two days playing Florence to a sick rodent. GP started peeing blood on Friday, and the vet who examined her thought renal tumour. She’s been having 4 hourly (day and bloody night!) nursing care from me, including syringe feeding and analgesia and antibiotics by injection. Anything of avoid the cost of B+B for her at the vets. Anyway, she’s now passed a kidney stone, and seems much better, so hopefully not a tumour after all.

I went out last night with a friend for a drink and supposedly a meal. Unfortunately the kitchen of the pub we went to was closed. I was keen to just go for a curry, but we’d already bought a bottle a wine, so we drank that, and then didn’t care about eating, so had more wine……I used to be able to do that! Clearly not anymore, and I was thoroughly queasy when I had to drag myself out of bed for the 3am jag, and well hung-over this morning.

Today, I’ve been writing most of the day, cursing at the style sheets in work, which keep de-faulting to something stupid. Bob and Dee Dee got the garden ready for summer. Pool filling as I type, slide and sandpit free-cycled, and TP climbing frame and the kids seat for thebike just about to go on eBay. I felt ridiculously sad to see them all going (the slide has already been collected), but it’s nice to gradually be re-claiming bits of garden. Feels odd though – no swing, no slide, no sandpit for the first time in 10 years. Tempted to treat myself to a barbie and some nice garden furniture, but Bob hates BBQs – he never sees the point of cooking on way when a proper cooker is only 6 feet away, and I do thinkBBQ are def a man’s thing. Well, tbh, most of the cooking in this house is a man’s thing, so I shouldn’t say too much!



  1. jax said

    hows the gp doing? Did you find my earlier comments?

  2. charisnlp said

    Yes, I liberated them 🙂 GP is doing really well, thank goodness. Trauma averted!

  3. jax said

    guessing that you weren’t wanting to take me up on the loan offer (hope you aren’t arriving today and expecting to find me there with a spare anyway, as we’re not going til tomorrow!)

  4. charisnlp said

    I would have loved to have gone, but work seriously got in the way, so even with my new tent, would have fallen through 😦

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