All too short

Had a wonderful week in Spain. Weather just fantastic – not too hot to move about it, but just perfect. Did very little – lots of nice meals, visits to the water park, walks on the beach, reading trash, chatting. Lovely.

 Since we came home we have:

  • Done laundry. My washing machine was finally fixed, so it’s been on non stop, as there was two weeks of washing left at home before we went, plus the week away.
  • Fell out with work. Can hardly wait to be fully freelance.
  • Collected GPs from their holiday. They look as if they have doubled in size, and they’ve been treated as indoor pets while we’ve been away, so they are going to find it a bit of a culture shock to be back in their (albeit deluxe!), hutch tonight.
  • Erected Dee Dee’s new trampoline. The old one had a max weight of 8 stone, and she was actually begining to hit the ground with her feet, so I was worried that she would hurt her ankles. I had 56 emails within an hour of freecycling the old one. The new one is much higher off the ground, and much bouncier, and with a max weight of 25 stone, hopefullt it will do her till she’s fed up with it! I thought it was an excellent price, and went up like a dream.
  • Dee Dee was in a swimming gala, and did well, despite lots of vapours beforehand.
  • I’ve started a business blog using typepad. It’s not free, but I rather like it, incredibly easy to use, and you can upload photos directly from the PC. URL to follow when Meg has finished working on it, so the design ties in with the web site.
  • Today I went swimming for an hour – trying to keep up the good habits of the holiday. Must really learn crawl though. (must learn to swim with face in water). 30 lengths of breaststroke and my pulse was barely elevated, so probably not really contributing that much fitness wise. And as I have a 10 mile power walk in three weeks – a training walk for a marathon later in the year – I really need to get the finger out.
  • Braved the local library, as it was time for my bi-annual rant about how crappy it is. Or maybe the librarians just snaffle all the good stuff for themselves 😉 🙂

Work tomorrow, so back soon.



  1. Sarah said

    All sounds good – hope the GPs behave themselves back home!

  2. jax said

    good to have you back, but not sure you’re finding my comments…

  3. Roslyn said

    Glad Spain was good- I’m planning on going next year as I miss it 🙂

    Work sucks, the rests great. I feel really proud of myself fopr swimming breast stroke (all 12 lengths!), I HATE swimming.

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