24 years, 363 days

So tomorrow we are all off to a villa in Mijas in Spain to celebrate. The kid wanted to look at our wedding photos last night  – no videos or anything in those days – just a thirty-picture album, with all the poses pre-selected and agreed beforehand! Anyway, I hadn’t looked at it for years, and was rather horrified to realise we had been children.  I look about 12, Bob looks about 9. AND we had only known one another about 14 weeks. What the hell had we been thinking of. Anyway, he still drives me mad, I still love him to bits, we still row at least three times a week – more if we are under stress LOL. We’ve survived me climbing the corporate ladder, him doing a part time MBA that nearly broke us 12 years ago, miscarriages, infertility, one very sick kid, five house moves, three redundancies. And lots of fun, love and laughter. He hasn’t aged as well as me (I like to think), but can still run a sub 3.30 marathon, and still can press all my buttons. Love him loads 🙂



  1. layla said

    We’re raising a glass or two to you here 🙂

    Have a wonderful time in Spain!

  2. here’s to another 25 years then!

  3. nic said

    Happy Anniversary 🙂 have a wonderful time in Spain xxx

  4. Kirsty said

    bit late – but hope you’re having a fab time and hope the next 25 years are great!

  5. nic said

    and because I am always desperate for yet more trivia about you I have tagged you for a blog meme ;:

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