It’s good to bounce.

A couple of years ago our nighbour kindly gave us an 8 foot trampoline that their ds had outgrown. The maximum weight is 8 stone, so H has now outgrown it as well, and rather scarily when she bounces, her feet fit the floor, so we had visions of broken ankles. So today managed to pass it on to another 6 year old, and we ordered a lovely new one. They’ve come down in price a huge amount though over the last few years. It’s one of those toys that def justifies it’s garden space.

Today she has a music lesson – I’m bartering lessons in exchange for coaching – and she seemed to do well. She doing keyboard and music theory, neither of which I’m up to teaching her, and she seems to be enjoying it.

Very disappointed that the tent has fallen through. I do wish people would keep their web sites live. Anyway, need to thing about what to do now.

Did some work with my web designer this morning – she is just SO nice compared to the lovees  I deal with at work, and this afternoon, bought a gallon of mozzie repellant and a swimsuit from Bravisimo, that cost – well – what the tent should have cost 😉 But it’s very comfy, and I finally have something to contain and restrain my assets. 🙂


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