Up and down more than a …….

…….OK, you can probably guess. Don’t want to moderate myself.

Bob is now truly 50. Slightly embarrassing as I got a last-minute chance to go to Newcastle to do some training, and as I don’t really want to turn down any opportunities at the moment, Bob was left with Aitch. I think they climbed Ben Nevis (didn’t take any pictures), went to Frankie and Benny’s for dinner, and watched trash on the TV.

Aitch and I have been having a bit of a rocky road recently – nothing I seem to do is quite right, and she has taken to swanning through the house leaving chaos in her wake. So I was absolutely determined that we would have a good few days this week, so yesterday we went out for a bike ride. Today, I suspect I have perineal nerve damage, (not perennial nerve damage, as Word kept insisting) but won’t go into that! The problem is that you feel fine while you are doing it, so you don’t appreciate how far you’ve gone, or how unfit you are. Anyway, we cycled about 10 miles and had a picnic lunch, ice creams,  long and unrelated discussions about boys and bullying and then had to cycle home. I also forgot the sun cream. Blush. Well, more sizzle, to be honest, than blush.

Bob was out at some team bonding event in the evening, Aitch (MUST get a better blog name), was at guides, and I lay in a warm bath.

Today, we did about an hour of maths in the morning. I’m still not sure I get probability – and then we played with the rather sweet guinea pigs for a bit. I thought I was going to get away with an afternoon on the PC, but ended up having to submit to nail painting, hair straightening, and being  plastered with makeup.

Accidentally deleted my password for this blog, and the lost password button wasn’t working, but the lovely Mark at wordpress.com has got me back in, so I can sleep easy tonight.

Will have to go to work tomorrow for a couple of days, so keen to get the final proof read of my web site down, so it can go live.  And that’s it 🙂



  1. nic said

    So not ready for 50 year old husbands or 11 year old daughters – which I will have both of in approximately 6 years – gulp!

  2. charisnlp said

    Yes, but at least YOU will be younger than him!

  3. Chris said

    When I am 50 I’ll have a 23 year old daughter. That’s seems much more like it than these Charlie Chaplins.

  4. Roslyn said

    I almost have the daughter and as you know she’s as bad as yours! LOL! I have 17 more years for the dh age 🙂

  5. nic said

    true, I’ll be dealing with the 40 crisis though 😉

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