Hypothetically speaking

If, hypnothetically, I could get time off work, and if, hypothetically I could face the drive to MP camp, would there, hypothetically still be space (don’t want to book in advance in case it falls through). And if, hypothetically, all these were positive, then would this, hypothetically be suitable for me and Aitch?



  1. Chris said

    Hypnothetically. Is that one of your pseudo-science treatments that you peddle?

  2. layla said

    our little one is like that & we all squeeze in quite comfortably

  3. looks very like the one the Beans have which fits them in perfectly. and Vango do tend to be more truthful than most about how many people can actually lie down next to each other in their tents.

    Would be lovely to see you at camp.

    and I’ve just noticed that you are with WordPress so I’m automatically logged in with my craft blog addy not my Home Ed blog addy. Never mind, you’ve got better stuff to do that look at either of my blogs any way 😉

  4. HelenHaricot said

    we only booked today, and lovely to hear you again

  5. HelenHaricot said

    oh and that is exactly our weekender tent for 4. so i imagine will be fine

  6. Sarah said

    Oh yes, come!

  7. charisnlp said

    I don’t peddle treatments Chris. Keep up, will you 😉

  8. jax said

    we’ve got one of those in the dining room waiting for a weekend away from home – will be using the big tent for mp camp though, so if you hypothetically don’t manage to hypothetically buy one, you could borrow ours…

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